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The foundation runs several sanctuaries which care for injured and orphaned wildlife. The long term aim is to return as many of these animals as possible back to the wild where they belong.

tig1.gif - 46530 Bytes The organisation evolved from the work of a few people who started in 1985 to rescue wild animals in distress. Pran The basic objective of the foundation is to take care of wild animals which are disabled, sick, maltreated or unwanted. If, while being in our care they produce offspring we try, with the help of experts, to train the progeny for life in the wild and then set them free in suitable locations. We know of several cases where well-meaning people have simply released pet wild animals back into to the wild and most animals have died, disappeared or caused damage to the existing fauna.

gib1.gif - 28890 Bytes We have been assisted by the International Primate Protection League, Summerville, South Carolina, other organizations and individuals both locally and overseas. We welcome assistance of any kind. Volunteers are also welcome to help us with our work and we always need experts to advise us.

Please feel free to call or fax at the address mentioned below:-

The Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand (WAR)
29/2 Sukhumvit Soi 33
Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel: 258 5560
Fax: 261 0925

or email: